Manila-Laguna-Batangas (MLB) Research Corridor is an envisioned consortium of Higher Education Institution within the Manila-Laguna-Batangas circuit that will lead and drive the studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics south of Metro Manila.

With Southern Luzon as the hub of electronics manufacturing industry that contributes more than 50% of the total Philippine exports annually, the location of six HEIs within this corridor is an academic thread that will strengthen the fabric of collaboration between and among these industries and the academic community.

Strategically located at the portal of this proposed consortium is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) which will serve as the catalyst of the six proponents of the MLB Research and Innovation Consortium namely:

1. Asia Pacific College;
2. Batangas State University;
3. First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities;
4. Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas;
5. University of Perpetual Help System Laguna; and
6. University of the Philippines Los Baños

where all six are recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Centers of Excellence and Development in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.